Media Justice: Race, borders, disability and data


Link to this program:

Thursday 25 May, 201

Sherman Heights Community Centre

2258 Island Avenue
San Diego, CA 92102

ABOUT: The Media Justice pre-conference to the International Communications Association 2017 conference will be held on May 25th, 2017, at the Sherman Heights Community Center in San Diego. It will bring together activists, advocates, and researchers to advance the shared theory and practice of media justice. For more info, please read our full Call for Papers:

REGISTRATION: There is no cost to participate but registration is essential. Please register online at:

International Communications Association Preconference Sponsored by the Philosophy, Theory and Critique Division and Communication and Technology Divisions of the International Communication Association


9.00 am: Welcome coffee

9.15 am: Opening remarks

  • Ricardo Dominguez (UC San Diego and Electronic Disturbance Theatre)
  • Maegan Ortiz (Institute of Popular Education of Southern California)
  • Gerard Goggin (University of Sydney)
  • Sasha Costanza-Chock (MIT)
  • Tanja Dreher (University of New South Wales)

9.45 am: Panel 1 – Race and borders

  • Steven Rendero, Center for Media Justice
  • Dorothy Kidd, “Media Justice in the San Francisco Bay: A Continuing Research
  • Lana McDonnell, “ Mothers in Prison, Media Justice, and How to Counter Silence”
  • Kristin Shamas, “Skirting Issues of Access: Arab American Efforts toward Media Justice”
  • Amparo Cadavid, “From the borders of survival: resistance practices in Colombia’s South Bolivar region”

11.00 am: short break

11.15 am: Panel 2 – Surveillance Countermeasures: Biopolitical Governance, Flawed Policing Reform and Resistance

  • Marika Cifor, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Britt Paris, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Stacy Wood, University of California, Los Angeles

12.00 pm: Lunch (provided)

12:30 – 1:30 VozMob/Vojo)

Hands-on workshop facilitated by Sasha Costanza-Chock (MIT) and Maegan Ortiz (Institute of Popular Education of Southern California),

1:30 pm: short break

1.45 pm: Panel 4 – Disability

  • Meryl Alper, “Keeping Voices Attached to People: Disability, Demagogues, and Design in Media”
  • Gracen Brimyer, “Problematizing Notions of Accessibility in the Digital Archive”
  • Filippo Tevisan, “Crowd-sourced disability storytelling, mobilization and the problem of ‘being heard’”
  • Gabi Shaffzin, “Reclamation Through Reification of Quantified Self Data”
  • Katie Ellis “Systemic Injustice and the rhetoric of Working on It: The Fight for Captions on New forms of television in Australia”

3.00 pm: Coffee Break

3.30 pm: Panel 5 – Digital Political Activism Research

  • Sarah J. Jackson, Northeastern University
  • Sasha Costanza-Chock, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Charlton McIlwain, New York University
  • Paromita Pain, “Justice through media: Framing citizen journalism as a creator of social movements in India’s Video Volunteers and CGNET Swara”
  • Christina Dunbar-Hester, “Tracing Outward: People, Places, and Politics in Open Technology Diversity Advocacy”

4.45 pm: Discussion, wrap and next steps

The event will be live captioned

This will be a fragrance-free event. We aim to maintain a welcoming and accessible environment for all conference participants. Please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfumes/colognes, scented lotions, clothing with strong detergent scents, etc. while attending this event as they can trigger serious health issues for those with fragrance allergies. Thank you for your consideration for all members of our community. For more information visit: or


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